Pimp My Mkars80!

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This pages is dedicated to my "Pimp my Mkars80"- project. As usual, it's written in LA6UOA-english! Enjoy:-)

The project started with my good friend LA2ULA/Ronny, when he said "What if...". I have so far built 4 Mkars80 and the great kit from Steve, G6ALU, is a lovely transciever in it self. But what if...? The resoult so far is shown here (And yes, the box is ugly in black. Better get a new one soon):

A. Adjustable TX from 0 to 5W. This is made after a suggestion from Steve him self. Using a transistor and a adjustable resistor. Replace the "R16" with it and you have a QRP/p rig!
B. 16x2 LCD Module White Characters Blue Backlight from www.nkcelectronics.com.
C. LA2ULAs modded LD4MEA-design: LEDbar. Shows reflected and sendt SWR. See pic under and webpage here, Pluss ATU and SWR-bridge inside.
D. VFO. Varicap diode and splitting of the 80m band in 4 segments. Look here. and here.
E. 4 segment band splitter.
F. Original TX/RX/Mod diode.
G. Forward/Reflected switch.
H. Tune knob.
I. ATU On/Off.
J. Orginal fine tune.
K. Original RF gain control (Volum knob)

Further development:

1. What about a PA? We are looking at som different kits. I might go for a 25W kit.
2. Keyer! Every radio needs a keyer. Maybe a K42 CW Keyboard/reader kit from www.k1el.com? Might be modded with a multicolour screen from NKC Electronics (Heck, I wont one of them in my Mkars80 to!!) How cool would that be?!
3. A new box, a ALC and volumknob, internal 1:4 UNUN for Rybakov antenna and a 9:1 Magnetic transformer for longwire, all built into the box. A A123-battery casing and rechargeble battries incide (Charging from 12V and 230V) Get the LEDbar to work as a S-Meter. What ever the future brings!