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The eavning of june 23. 2005 I had been out boating. When I came home, two people came by my house and asked if I was a ham radio operator. They were Mr. and Mrs. Ohori from Japan (JRØDLU and JRØSBR), both radio amateurs and on vacation in Norway. My Cushcraft R8 is easy to see and they had followed the cable;-) A very nice eavning later we had a good relationship, and the eyeball QSO went very well! Visit their homepage by clicking to the right! Catch you on the bands, DR OM Tadashi san! JRØDLU and JRØSBR's pages
Look up my callsign at QRZ.com (and any other callsign for that matter) Regestring there is HIGHLY recomended! QRZ.COM
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