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07. 05. 2005:

This is pix of the mounting of my new antenna, a Cushcraft R8. Helping raising it was LA7HNA/Nils and LA4EU/Hans Arne. They did a great job and the antenna is working perfectly. Brazil on 15m band the same night was lovely!! Click on the photo to the left to see the photos!

26. 03. 2005:

Easter hollyday 2005 spent at my fathers cabin in the mountains The QTH is elevated at 1075 m asl. These pictures show the antennasetup and the lovely souroundings there. Click on the photo to the left to get to the album.

06. 03. 2005:

Here are som pics from another of my great hobbys: Flying RC Helicopters. Together with my good friends, Odd Arne and Thomas, we try to fly as much as posible. This album is taken at Odd Arnes place in Sokna, Norway. Click on pick to the left and enjoy!