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"Watch out where the huskys go and don`t you eat that yellow snow!" (Frank Zappa)
Radiocontrolled gizmoes.

I started out with a sailingboat from Kyosho. The "Oracle BMW Racing USA-76" is a RC sailingyacht with great performances and yet small enough to get into the car. Great fun!! Click here to see more of my pages and click here to get to Kyoshos website.

Choppers. Really fascinating collection of parts, in the moment flying in the same direction. And when they don't, they fall down allmost in the same direction. Well worth a try, but tyake your time to learn it and set aside lots of money for spare parts! Have fun looking at the pixs here.

For som realaxing fun, i bought a small model of a Piper Cub. Realy great plane that is easy to fly as long as the wind is calm. I'm planning on doing som pages on the Cub-subject later.

My planes:

- P&B Model: Bird of Time.
- Robbe Cardinal.
- Albatross 2000.
- CCLee: J3 Cub.
- Twister helicopter.